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Better Mass Notification

Keep People & Property Safe With Better Mass Notification

What does better mass notification mean? When crises hit, every second counts to avoid loss or harm. A single weather event, road closing or malfunction can derail your organization’s operations or put lives at risk, forcing you to react within moments.

We’ve helped government agencies, stadiums, multi-campus businesses and more keep people and property safe through instant, mass notifications using multiple vehicles and formats to ensure no message and no recipient ever falls through the cracks.

We’ll do the same for you, integrating with your existing technologies for an affordable, yet highly effective integrated communications system.

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Better Mass Communications Capabilities

Public Address

Speak live or text from a smartphone, with location-wide Public Address capabilities.

First Response Action Plan

Resolve crises faster and eliminate wasteful delays with an automated plan and multimedia alerts.

Budget-Friendly Technology

Integrate with technologies you already own, with the ability to add new functionalities as your needs evolve.

Noisy Environments & Language Barriers

Counter distractions and communications barriers by scrolling and/or flashing alerts, and using pre-programmable response buttons.

Instant, Mass Alerts

Reach target audiences instantly with multimedia notifications designed to ensure no recipient falls through the cracks or misses critical instructions.

Big improvements don’t require a hefty investment or technology overhaul. Disparate systems you own today can be integrated for added functionality and automations.

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Reach more people faster, with less effort.

Let us show you how.