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  • Experienced Emergency Management

    Layered Solutions is an experienced emergency management solutions provider that makes communications to multiple people in an emergency, stressful situation—even an ordinary day—virtually automatic.

    We support clients in education, healthcare, commercial, industrial and government by integrating technology to reach all the right people with the right information simultaneously, for faster response times, better communication, even life-saving results. Layered Solutions is a national emergency management solutions provider headquartered in Carmel, IN.

    Our Approach

    Simplicity is invaluable when it comes to communication and safety.

    Developer and founder, Jerry Geis believes in software that empowers people with simple, practical and financially viable solutions. Layered Solutions stands for solutions that integrate with, build upon and enhance what organizations already have.

    Why It Matters

    Emergency preparedness has become imperative for every organization.

    The American Health Care Association laid out a six-point outline as a guide in creating or modifying emergency preparedness communications procedures. It has application for any organization:

    • Form a team
    • Plan ahead
    • Know the stakeholders
    • Know how to contact the stakeholders
    • Identify communication channels
    • Honor confidentiality
  • The two words 'information' and 'communication' are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things.

    Information is giving out.
    Communication is getting through.