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  • About Layered Solutions: Emergency Communications

  • Protecting people, property and profits


    Layered Solutions helps you shrink risks and potential losses with effortless mass notification and emergency communications capabilities that integrate with tools you already have.

    The goal: Reach any audience, anywhere, instantly, from a tap on your desktop or mobile device.


    Affordable, easy to use, easy to scale


    • Increase instant, mass notification capabilities.
    • Monitor all systems, camera views and alerts from a single dashboard.
    • Initiate action and communication via desktop or mobile.
    • Ensure no intended recipient falls through the cracks with layered communications formats and vehicles.


    Common applications


    • Emergency response
    • Teaching
    • Branding
    • Marketing
    • Compliance
    • Scheduling
    • Workflow automations
    • Instant decision-making
    • Staff/customer/partner engagement


    Your benefits


    • Reduced loss and risks to people and property.
    • Improved staff and customer experiences.
    • Improved operations and productivity.
    • Enhanced revenue support & channels.
    • Fewer errors, interruptions and manual processes.
    • Faster, better decision-making.


    Did we mention budget-friendly?


    • Small startup cost.
    • Buildable over time.
    • Integrates with your existing technologies to multiply capabilities without a tech overhaul.
    • Most LSI solutions require a single piece of software = ease of use, ease of cost.