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As you seek to improve business outcomes and reduce waste (whether that’s wasted dollars, manpower, productivity or opportunities), you’ll find many business problems can be solved, quite affordably, through digital signage.

What More Can You Do with Digital Signage?

Perhaps you already have digital signage technology at your disposal but aren’t squeezing all the value you can out of it. Or maybe you don’t have any digital signage and are thinking about how best to implement it in your building.

Below we highlight 10 issues you can solve or improve with digital signage integrations:

  1. Reach everyone, everywhere — especially during emergencies — no matter their location, obstacles or distractions. Digital signage helps you ensure no one misses out on crucial (perhaps life-saving) instructions because they couldn’t hear, slipped into a private room, or their smartphone died. Ensuring no recipient falls through the cracks requires layering communications vehicles and formats, including visual outputs.
  2. Direct buyers’ attention, despite the many distractions vying for their time and dollars. Highlight promotions, products and services while customers are on-site and making buying decisions. Also use the opportunity to showcase testimonials, lesser-known services, and how happy customers use your products.
  3. Enhance visitor experience. Reduce confusion and help guests feel at home with messaging that can be customized to individuals, locations, audiences, and more. This may be as simple as welcoming a guest by name, displaying location maps, or suggesting ways visitors can make the most of their visit.
  4. Overcome communications hurdles like language barriers or physical impairment. How will you reach non-English speakers, sight or hearing-impaired guests and associates? Bypass those communications barriers by using pre-programmed messaging and pairing digital displays with flashing lights and sounds a must if you ever need to evacuate or direct people to safety.
  5. Enable faster crisis response and resolution. Real-time building maps, actionable messages, and emergency system integrations mean first responders can solve problems faster, and people at risk can rush to safety with minimal confusion or panic.
  6. Strengthen company branding. Use digital signage to showcase your work, client testimonials, new product/service launches, branding videos and more in lobbies, waiting rooms, trade show booths, and select areas across your facilities.
  7. Automate emergency plans. Would your employees know what to do, at a moment’s notice, during an emergency? Digital signage can help communicate your emergency or crisis management plans after a trigger like a pulled fire alarm or pushed panic button. Digital signage can instantly display instructions that are easy to understand, actionable, and relevant to your audiences.
  8. Motivate associates and accelerate business goals. Use digital signage to display real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as gentle nudges to keep employees focused and motivated to meet business objectives. Likewise, celebrate employees’ special dates, accomplishments, milestones and initiatives for a stronger corporate culture and engagement.
  9. Create additional revenue streams. Reap added revenue by displaying ads for partners, sponsors, events, or non-competing brands that benefit your audience.
  10. Multiply mass communications capabilities on a tight budget. There’s no need to throw out technologies you own today and invest in a massive makeover to upgrade your communications. Use tools you already have, which can double as synchronized mass notification devices through an easy-to-use, integrative software. (We’d love for you to consider us!)

How else do you use your digital signage, or what other communications problems are holding you back? Digital signage can be integral part of your mass communication stream that helps you reach most audiences. Need help implementing in your building? Let’s chat! Contact us today.